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Bizyhood for Publishers offers powerful directory services to boost local business' engagement – and your revenues!

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Powerful Engagement and Discovery Features
  • A complete and existing directory listing for any location in the U.S. that can be added to your site in minutes and updated in real-time.

  • Multiple "views" of details that a business owner can add to their page in the directory. The publisher has control over how much to charge for each view and what details show up in each view, including offering a "freemium" tier.

  • Events & Promotions, including a real-time calendar.

  • A single integrated self-service dashboard for the small business - all their engagement tools in one place, including metrics and analytics of what channels are working best.

  • Coming Soon: Loyalty, Referral and Co-Marketing programs.

Leverage the API or Drop-in Wordpress Plugins
  • Wordpress plugins include business directory, search, widgets, Events Calendar and more.

  • API is a REST-based interface that can be used on any site to customize results even further.

  • Easy access to publishers once approved.

Fully Responsive and Mobile-Ready
  • Works equally well on desktop, tablets and mobile.

  • Coming Soon - native apps for Android and iOS. Publishing partners will have their content featured on the app when consumers are in their service community.

Cost-Effective, Start Generating Revenue Immediately
  • No upfront or ongoing cost for access to your local content.

  • Bizyhood manages the subscription and fees processing.

  • Publishers get a check at the end of the month based on subscription revenue. The amount is determined by a number of factors including who is doing the sales and first line support for business owners.

  • Additional income for your site can start immediately, in Month One.

Feedback, not Reviews
  • Changes the dynamic of existing one-sided reviews and turns reviews into a helpful dialogue between businesses and their customers.

  • Ends the gamification of reviews where business owners feel like they have to “offset” bad reviews with good ones.

  • Feedback is a conversation between your readers and the local businesses and a chance for others to see and hear what’s going on in your town.

  • Online commentary is by far the most common, effective and popular way to increase online visibility of local brands. That visibility should be coming through the local publishers since you are the online hub in your community.

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